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I was drawn to the practice of law after serving in the Marine Corps and running a real estate company.  I believe "Every person should be treated fairly and that is what I  ensure."

I Will help you find your way.

  • After leaving high school, I went to Troy University to play football and then joined the  Marine Corps. 
  • While in the Marine Corps, I was an infantryman, close combat instructor, performed several operations in Africa (including Noble Obelisk) and on the Turkey Syria border.
  • After getting out of the Marine Corps, I went to work for Sears, doing contract sales. 
  • After 9/11, I was recalled to the Marine Corps. 
  • After getting out of the Marine Corps a second time and having worked in skydiving instruction and videography on the side for many year, I stated running a skydiving video and instruction company full time. 
  • Unfortunately, I had a bad landing and had to give up skydiving.
  • I decided to get my real estate license, eventfully becoming a broker, instructor for real estate continuing education and I started my own company.
  • After seeing many people who needed legal help and wanting to return home, I went back to law school, obtained my Juris Doctorate, took the Florida Bar exam and started my own legal practice in Pensacola, FL.

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When you experience a legal issue or want to complete a major transaction (like buying or selling a home), everything can change - I understand.  West Florida Law PA will provide legal experience to help ensure your desires are met.

Contact me  today and I can help with your legal issues.