Seville Quarter in Pensacola Florida

I practice what I call “happy law.” West Florida Law PA is one of the few law firms where everybody leaves happy.

Solving your real estate, family law, or inheritance problems doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. I will help you move forward in your life and achieve a satisfying outcome to your legal issues.

After being a Marine and starting my own real estate company, I was drawn to the law when I saw how many people needed legal help. I feel privileged to be able to provide that help and to be able to return to my hometown, Pensacola, Florida.

I believe that everyone should be treated fairly, and that is how I run my law practice. I want you to be happy with the way your legal problems get resolved. Satisfying my clients is my number one goal.

If you need a real estate, wills and probate, or family lawyer serving Pensacola, Florida, and all of Escambia County and Santa Rosa County, contact West Florida Law PA today. I would be glad to talk to you, find out more about what you need, and tell you how I can help.